On the supposed mass of entropy and that of information

In the theory of special relativity, energy can be found in two forms: kinetic energy and rest mass. Potential energy of a body is actually stored under the form of rest mass, interaction energy too, temperature is not. Information acquired about a dynamical system can be potentially used to extract useful work from it. Hence the “mass-energy-information equivalence principle” that has been recently proposed.

In this paper, it is first recalled that for a thermodynamic system made of non interacting entities at constant temperature, the internal energy is also constant. So that, the energy involved in a variation of entropy (T ΔS) differs from a change in potential energy stored or released and cannot be associated to a corresponding variation of mass of the system, even if it is expressed in term of quantity of information. This debate gives us the opportunity to deepen the notion of entropy seen as a quantity of information, to highlight the difference between logical irreversibility (a state dependent property) and thermodynamical irreversibility (a path dependent property) and to return to the nature of the link between energy and information that is dynamical.

Difference between potential force (spring) and entropic force (gas).

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